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Spring and Summertime!

There's surely some hot days ahead...

Is your HVAC system ready for the heat?  Here are some tips to help keep your system running and lower your bills:

  1. Open the vents under your house if it is peer and beam foundation.
  2. Check that you have visqueen down over the earth under the house.
  3. Wash the exterior condenser unit off with a hose, removing dirt and debris from the fin area.
  4. Using a mild solution of soap and water can help remove stuck on grime.
  5. Do not bend the fins with the water or any hard object.
  6. Change your system filter and at least once each month.
  7. Have a reputable HVAC company (LIKE US!) inspect the unit and service it prior to the start of summer.
  8. Inspect the duct work or have it inspected by a reputable HVAC company (LIKE US!)

Additionally, you may wish to check the attic insulation to ensure it is near 10 inches thick and provides a good cover throughout the attic. Unsealed doors and windows are more a problem for heat but should be checked periodically.

Allow the inspectors to replace any items that show wear or could malfunction when operated.

Air conditioning maintenance requires a 70-degree day for optimum results when checking the unit service for freon levels.